Compact mode

Can I play compact mode from LumoUtility to a certain login page only? How? Thanks.

I don’t think LumoUtility has a compact mode, but I’m assuming you want to apply the compact preset ( to a particular view?

There’s no way to scope the preset to a particular view, but it’s actually quite easy to reproduce the effects of the preset yourself: simply apply this CSS:

      --lumo-size-xl: 3rem;
      --lumo-size-l: 2.5rem;
      --lumo-size-m: 2rem;
      --lumo-size-s: 1.75rem;
      --lumo-size-xs: 1.5rem;
      --lumo-font-size: 1rem;
      --lumo-font-size-xxxl: 1.75rem;
      --lumo-font-size-xxl: 1.375rem;
      --lumo-font-size-xl: 1.125rem;
      --lumo-font-size-l: 1rem;
      --lumo-font-size-m: 0.875rem;
      --lumo-font-size-s: 0.8125rem;
      --lumo-font-size-xs: 0.75rem;
      --lumo-font-size-xxs: 0.6875rem;
      --lumo-line-height-m: 1.4;
      --lumo-line-height-s: 1.2;
      --lumo-line-height-xs: 1.1;
      --lumo-space-xl: 1.875rem;
      --lumo-space-l: 1.25rem;
      --lumo-space-m: 0.625rem;
      --lumo-space-s: 0.3125rem;
      --lumo-space-xs: 0.1875rem;```

to scope it to a particular view, add a classname to the view and scope the css to that class, e.g.


and in css

   // that css