Communication problem message does not work


i have a complex web application with vaadin, that runs on JBoss Wildfly 8.1. When the server restarts or is not available i want a message to pop up so people know whats going on.

At the moment unfortunately nothing happens when the server restarts or shuts down. The wheel on the top right just spins, gets orange, red and then disappears.

I tried a not so complex little vaadin app on my local development pc with Tomcat 7, and there it worked. When i shut down the server and clicked a component in the app the “Communication problem” message popped up.

The strange thing is, i got it to work in JBOSS one time. There it had the same behavior. Server was shutting down, i clicked something and the message pops up. But after that it did not work anymore.

I use Vaadin 7.2.7 but also tried 7.3 and it was the same.

Does somebody have an idea, what this could be? I dont think its JBOSS relatet as i got it to work one time. Also that small app i testet worked in JBOSS when it was restarting…

I just found the problem. When @Push is in the UI then the message does not work. If @Push is removed it works… Any ideas?

The problem is i need the push…

Never mind, i found a similiar post:!/thread/5210529