"Communication problem" client side override

I have overridden the “comErrMsg” using the standard method.


  1. setCommunicationErrorNotificationEnabled(false)
  • From the JavaDoc: “Enables or disables the notification. If disabled, the set URL (or current) is loaded directly.”

  • Does this mean that if setCommunicationErrorURL() is not set, that there is an attempt to reload the current URL?

2. client side behavior

  • Is there a way of overriding the client side behavior?

  • I could hack the BooStrap code, but I would hate to do so since I update Vaadin with each new release.

  • I would prefer a method that sets client side JavaScript code that gets executed, message.setCommunicationJavascriptCallbackMethod(“…”);

Thank you,

Hi Malcolm,

  1. Yes, if the notification is disabled and the URL is not set, the current page is reloaded.

  2. On the client side you can set a custom handler using ApplicationConnection.setCommunicationErrorDelegate(). The easiest way to do this is probably to write a small UI Extension and set the handler in your extension connector’s extend() method - the ApplicationConnection instance is available via getConnection(). Note that this will not catch other system messages like session expired.