Common Code - Best Practices - NOOB Question

Hey -

Thanks for creating a great framework.

I have a complete NOOB question:

I am creating an application which consists of a series of sub-applications. They are centered around a single db with the application using a series of common models and code base. I am porting most of the code base directly from GWT and I’m using Eclipse for development. The application is best separated for security reasons.

My question is what is best practice for creating a common code base (that one can import into these sub-apps)?

I have looked but I can only find info on reusable themes, rather than code.

If I have missed something obvious, my appologies.

Thanks so much and I appreciate your feedback.

It’s pretty hard to say what is the exact best project structure for you, but for a large project I’d use a multi module maven project with one module for the backend (domain objects, db access etc) and then one war project per “mini app”. In some cases your “sub-applications” could also be just separate UI classes registered to different URLs and located in different Java packages, then you could do fine with single project setup as well.

But as said, it depends, as with most architectural questions.