cometd(javascript) and vaadin questions

dear vaadin developer:
I now vaadin+cometd develop,serve push data to client, but cometd client uses dojo get data from serve. so i need dojo get data behind send to vaadin.
1) How does Dojo communicate with Vaadin?.
2) How does show in the vaadin at Dojo get data behind ?

You should use Vaadin supported mechanisms for the push or poll mechanism - Vaadin client side and server side components are relatively tightly linked to each other and use Vaadin specific communication channels. Bypassing this is likely to require a lot of work and touching internal mechanisms deep in Vaadin.

The available solutions for automatic refresh include the ICEPush (for pushing data to clients - similar to Comet) and Refresher (for polling) add-ons - see
this forum post
for more information.