ComboBox with list like context menu

Hi there!

I’m a novice in Vaadin, and I’m currently trying to create my first custom component, based on a ComboBox, which has a possibility to contain a dropping list, similar to context menu: every record in that list could contains another list. And when we click on such record, a PopupView appears on the right side, which contains another list and so on.
Is there some simple way to do this?
The my main problem: by default, combobox’s items dissapear, when I click on one of these. How to change this behavoir?


Maybe this addon will suit your needs better

Vyacheslav Rusakov, thank you, this is not exactly what I looking for.
there is a GWT widget,
this is what I want to use in my Vaadin project, but is it possible to add a text input functionality here, instead of just selecting items?

That looks useful. I’d like to see a Vaadin widget implementing such functionality, using Container.Hierarchical as it’s data source.

If you don’t want to write client side code yet, your best bet would be to use MenuBar class, as it provides nested menus and needed listeners. You should of course style it accordingly using CSS.

The Smart GWT widget looks like a good idea for an add-on. GWT PopupPanel and MenuBar should do it on the client-side. But what would text input accomplish in this case? Oh, and if you do your own overlays on the client-side, check out VOverlay.

Many thanks for your advices, guys!
I attempted to find some simple solution, like combination of existing components or import of existing GWT widget, but seems I need do it myself. I hope, VOverlay will help me.

Hi Gregory Katkov

Were you able to achieve your target combobox using VAADIN? We are also trying to implement the same here for our project. If you were successfull could you share your thoughts and views how you have achieved this.

Many Regards