ComboBox with Lazy-Loading through Filtering

From what I have been reading in terms of vaadin 6.6.0 capabilities theres is now a way to lazy-load items into the combobox using filters? I wanted to do a STARTS_WITH Filtering with a small tweak, when you write something on the combobox the visible results are also all the results on the combobox which were filtered by our query results.

I dont want to have on the combobox all the data but just the filtered. I wanted some sort of example of this so that I can implement it.
, supposedly, this feature is said to be implemented on vaadin 6.6 but I cant find a proper example.


If the item caption mode is ITEM_CAPTION_MODE_PROPERTY and there are no other obstacles for using container filtering, Select (the superclass of ComboBox) constructs a filter using Select.buildFilter() and then adds it (in addition to existing ones) to the container when fetching the item list to show, or a part of it when using lazy loading. If necessary, buildFilter() can also be overridden.

If the conditions are not fulfilled, the component falls back to in-memory filtering, which is somewhat less customizable - it takes what getItemIds() returns and then filters getItemCaption()s for that collection further. Active container filters should be taken into account also in this case through getItemIds().