Combobox with Checkbox

I am looking for multi select comobobox, basically, I need a combobox and items should be checkboxes and I can select multiple there and once I select multiple items, should have a listener and perform certtain tasks

Any idea or sample code, please.


Hello Srinivas,

Can you please explain what you are trying to perform here?
Are you saying that you need checkbox for each item listed in a Multi select Combox? On select of each combox you wish to perfomr certain action?
Is this what you want?


Hello Krishna,

It was very nice to see your response. In detail about the req: I want develop a combobox (drop down) as shown in the attached screen-shot. So, I can pick (multiple) items as shown there.


Any body have any thoughts ?

Similar questions have been asked before so try to search the forum for them.

The short answer is, this is not possible with the current ComboBox component. You may be able to achieve this by combining a text field with some kind of a popup view, but getting all the usability details right (keyboard navigation etc.) will probably take quite a bit of work.

One way to try this is to use a combination of a TextField and a MenuBar.

I don’t recall whether menubar has the option to open a specific menu from the server-side, but if yes, then it should be possible to use the menuItem.setSelected(boolean) methods for mimicking the checkboxes.