Combobox using SQLContainer

I am having issues when using the ComboBox with an SQLContainer while setting a container property as the ComboBox caption mode. When a user starts typing into the ComboBox the filter will execute over the entire data set for each letter which makes the ComboBox unusable for SQLContainers with a large amount of rows. This is how I have initialized my ComboBox:

combobox = new ComboBox();
		combobox.setCaption("Item Caption Mode ON");

I first noticed this in Vaadin 6.8.9 and then tested this in Vaadin 7.0.2 and the issue is present in both versions. (This code segment is from Vaadin 7.0.2). The strange part is that if the caption mode is not set, then the filtering is done correctly. I have already created a ticket for this bug:
as well as attached a demo to the ticket.

However, I would like some feedback on this issue to see if other users have encountered this or if there is a possible work around for this issue, since the bug has not been addressed yet.