ComboBox strange behavior (stop responding)

I got a ComboBox with dataProvider. This component is used to search some data, so user types text in this field, and gets a list of items. Easy :slight_smile: But we found that in case then user types text really fast, then component send rpc request with multiple setFilter actions, receives response typically with result 0. This takes effect with lost control. Clearing entered text, typing from scratch results in sending setfilter request giving response ‘0’. DataProvider is not called anymore. In this case user must refresh page. Any idea ?

I think it is the same issue as reported here:

See the workaround idea in the linked discussion as well, copy pasted here:

comboBox.addBlurListener(new BlurListener() {

  Override public void blur(BlurEvent event) {
     Optional<MsOption> value = comboBox.getOptionalValue();
     if (value.isPresent()) {

Thanks a lot. Bug looks very similar. I’ve tried out a patch and it works.