Combobox shows "previous" value


I have a field group and one of the fields is a combobox. When I select a record where the value of the combox is not yet set, it always shows the value of the previously selected record. It seems to be just a UI issue as the value is not stored in the record.

My application is a bit like the addressbook example from the tutorial, so I use this to show my problem. Please find attached the modified

I changed the “Company” field to be a combobox instead of a textfield and fill it with a few items. When I select a contact and pick a company from the combobox in the editor, the value is stored correctly and the contact list on the left updates. Then I select another contact and the combobox shows the company I just selected for the other contact. As I said, it is just on the UI, it will not be stored.

I couldn’t find a way to have the combobox be empty if there is no value (as it is initially). I played around with NullSelection etc., but without success.

Any help appreciated!

Gunnar (11.2 KB)


Please let me know if I didn’t describe the problem properly, or if you need more information.