ComboBox should select currently matched value on TAB

I have a ComboBox with “immediate” turned on so it matches values as I type. If I have “Apple Computer” as an item, and I type “Apple”, I can see that the ComboBox has filtered the list of choices that start with “Apple”. If I now click the down arrow to highlight “Apple Computer” and hit TAB, no value gets selected (and focus moves on to the next field). In contrast, if I do the same thing and hit ENTER, “Apple Computer”
get selected.

So the bug, in my opinion, is that with a value apparently selected, users expect TAB to select the value currently highlighted (and, of course, tab on to the next field).

Is this a known issue and is there any known workarounds?

I agree that this is a bug… could you create a ticket for this?
New ticket

Looks like someone beat me to it: