ComboBox setScrollToSelectedItem(false); with JPAContainer doesn't work ?

I am using vaadin 6.8.15

I have JPAContainer which is accessing lazily more than 3000 items in the database. I have attached it to a combobox. On the combobox I have called:

myComboBox.setScrollToSelectedItem(false); I did this following advice rom this
to fix the:

WARNING: (JPAContainer) WARNING! Invoking indexOfId() when size > 100 is not recommended! That fixes the warning but it introduces another problem. When ever I programmatically set value of the combobox for an item whose index in the database is greater than the initial ones in the combobox e.g item at position 1000. The combobox doesnot show the value on the client side! (Strange enough when I call getValue() I do get the value I had set)

// Calling this sets the internal value of the combobox but the combobox
// doesnt show the value on the client side

// Calling this works since the item is at index 3 which is in the first page
// of the combobox

Is there something I am missing or is this a limitation of the combobox or JPAContainer