ComboBox popup closes automatically after repeated fast clicking

I have encountered some weird behavior regarding the ComboBox component, and I would like to ask around a bit before trying to file a bug report.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the button on the right to show the popup, close the popup, everything works as expected.
  3. Now quickly click the button on the right
    several times
    . This will open and close the popup several times.
  4. Wait a bit, then click on the button
    . The popup is shown for about a second, then it’s closed automatically. At this point the ComboBox instance is irreparably broken, and the only cure seems to be to reload the whole page.

I can reproduce it in current versions of Chrome and Firefox (both Mac OS X and Windows), and in IE10.
Since it’s the same in the official Vaadin demo, it’s safe to assume that the problem is not in my code. Searching the issue tracker did not turn up any related tickets. Has anyone else encountered this?

This is most likely Valo theme related, due to animations. If you stress it enough your page will hang. It does reproduce on Runo as well only if you really stress it but it’ll cope quickly enough and get’s back to normal.

On Reindeer and Chameleon I can’t reproduce it.

Maybe you should file a ticket.

Interesting, I haven’t even thought that this might be due to the Valo theme. I will file a ticket and refer to this thread.


Thanks for finding that! There have been some other components also that have been “bitten” by the new animate-in/out styles in 7.3.

For some reason there are transitionEnd listeners left hanging on the component, which then close the popup automatically. I suspect it’s because you click the button again during the first animate-in, which then adds another listener for it, and now it has double the listeners perhaps, and only one of them is removed after the animation finishes.

Anyway, definitely worth a ticket.

Filed as
, also added a link to this forum discussion.