ComboBox not highlighting first item in list while typing

Hi all,

In the ComboBox demo (
) you can see that the first item in the list is always highlighted while typing, thus you can type part of a country and press enter and the item highlighted at the top of the list is set as the value.

However, in my program the first item isn’t highlighting. If I start typing and there is more than 1 item in the list and I press enter, the text I’ve just typed disappears. If there is only one item left in the list, then when I press enter it does set the value to the item in the drop down.

I want my ComboBox to work the same way as in the Vaadin Sampler, and the first item in the list is always highlighted. Any ideas on how to do this please?

My ComboBox currently works the same as here (
I’m running the latest version of Vaadin (7.6.1).

I’ve fixed this now. The widgetsets needed recompiling so it started working correctly in Eclipse.