ComboBox Not Displaying Correctly after ViewHandler.activateView

I am using the AppFoundation add-on and am having issues with a comboBox updating when returning to a view.

Here is the scenario.

Enter the application and display View1 which has a ComboBox. Since the data is already in the database, I am able to set the value of the combobox so that the current value shows in the combobox text field.

I press a button which does a ViewHandler.activateView. The newly displayed view has a “Previous” button.

If I press the previous button, I go back to the previous view, and execute the same activatedHandler, but this time, the value in the comboBox is not displayed. The text field in the combobox is blank, even though the code to set it works correctly (like the first time into the view).

Is there something that I need to do to refresh the view and/or the combo box?


The method “activated()” in View interface is always called when the view is activated by ViewHandler. So if you have some data which can be changed meanwhile the view is not activated you probably should update it in the activated()-method. Anyway, if you have already set some data to ComboBox and you deactivate the view and then activate it again, then the data should still be there.