ComboBox - Max Visible Row Count ?


I don’t want paging in my ComboBox because it usually contain 20-30
So I call setPageLength(100) and “fix” the paging issue.

But now, when I open the ComboBox’s drop-down menu, it shows a huge and tall popup menu)
I’d like the ComboBox to show a maximum of 10 visible rows.
Something like setMaximumVisibleRowCount(10) [size=1]
[ Swing Déjà vu anyone? :slight_smile: ]


Is it possible?



private ComboBox test = new ComboBox(){
{pageLength = 10;}

    private static final long serialVersionUID = 7193334909057817530L;

ashes, this does not solve paging, it is equivalent to calling setPageLength(10)

Vaadin Team, you should really have some one monitoring your forums.
I see dozens of highly relveant questions left without answers, this hurts the community and doesn’t make the product improve…
So frustrated I can’t find a solution for such basic UI requirements.

The height of the popup can be adjusted by CSS, add max-height to .v-filterselect-suggestmenu (in em’s or rem’s to make it approx 10 lines).

By the way, paging is disabled by setPageLength(0) (thought it produced some issues, now sure if they are already fixed).

Hi, I am using a combo box with custom css layouts, and i cannot see the combo box arrow. Any idea how to solve it?

I think you should post a sepearte question instead of replying to my question with a question :slight_smile:

Sorry, but no one answererd my question on the vaadin forum and I reposted it many times. So was wondering if some one else had the same issue?