ComboBox location in FormLayout


I have added ComboBox into FormLayout.
There is also TextField on same layout.

Why the ComboBox ‘box’ is not aligned with TextField ‘box’?
Am I missing something?

I attached a JPEG having the part where components are from screenshot.

The difference is not big but I am sure our customers will ask about that.



which Vaadin version and theme are you using? At least on 7.1.8 and the default Reindeer theme the alignment is correct out of the box.


Sorry about delay in answering your question.

Vaadin 7.1.7 is in use and the base theme is Runo.
There are some additions and modifications for the theme to our use.
I am not so familiar with CSS and have not done that myself.

What names in CSS effect to ComboBox?
And what attribute could be defining the space or location?

I found it.

Problem solved.


didn’t have time to reply before you already found the issue. So, was it something in your customizations of the theme or something in the vaadin framework?


I am not sure due I don’t know who has made the CSS what is in use.
But I am quite sure it was something in our customization.