Combobox-like multiple-select component?


I am just evaluating Vaadin, and have a question regarding select-components. Lately I have evaluated JSF+Primefaces, and there is a multiple-select component that does not use the native html-select, so it is fully stylable. In Vaadin there is a Combobox that looks very nice, and I wanted to ask if there is also a similar multiple-select component available. I didn’t find one, I’ve also seach in add-ons.

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Would be easier to answer if you could provide a link to that JSF+Primefaces component (demo app or screenshot). Thanks :slight_smile:


You can see it
. Selecting is not as comfortable as with the standard html-select, but it can be styled like other elements (e.g. the selection color).

You could maybe create a table with one column only and then hide the header for it and make it multiselectable. That would look pretty much like that


I thought about copying the relevant parts (the popup) of the Vaadin ComboBox and make it multi-selectable. But before possibly reinventing the wheel I wanted to see if there ist already a component available.


I would not recommend starting with the current implementation of ComboBox due to its complexity on the client side (VFilterSelect). If you don’t need lazy loading and other special features of the current ComboBox, starting from an almost clean slate would probably be easier in the end.

Using a separate popup list and main field on the server side and a minimal client side implementation (if necessary at all) should be much easier than tweaking VFilterSelect.

We should rewrite the client side of ComboBox, but no time to do it for 7.0.

Thank you :slight_smile: I will give it a try.