Combobox Item caption formatting.

I need to format some items caption in a combobox.
I mean some items should have normal formattin some others have a different formatting (say italics, or red foreground).
Is it possible ?
How ?

Unfortunately you cannot add different styles for different captions. You can create a
if you want. You can also try to implement it yourself, the client-side class you need to modify is

It should probably be something like Tree.ItemStyleGenerator or Table.CellStyleGenerator. I thought there would already be an enhancement request about this but could not find it quickly, so please to create a ticket about this as the Henri Kerola suggested.

Here is the ticket:

It seems that when using ItemStyleGenerator with a ComboBox, the style is only applied to the items inside the dropdown box but not on the item once selected (at least with Vaadin 7.6.8).
Anyone knows is this was the desired behavior?