ComboBox issues when paging is disabled

With Vaadin 6 (I currently use 6.7.9), ComboBox paging can be disabled using this mechanism:

public class MyComboBox extends ComboBox {

    public MyComboBox() {
        pageLength = 0;

This has, however, few consequencies:

  1. When you change the selected option using arrow keys from keyboard and press tabulator key to move to the next field, your new selection is not applied.
  2. Filtering does not apply to ComboBox items anymore

Case 1 seems like a bug to me. If you omit the “pageLength = 0;” statement, leaving option list with tabulator works as one might expect. However, if you take a good look at the combobox at the moment when you press the tabulator key, you see option values flashing in the combobox before your selection gets applied. If you use mouse button for selecting, this does not occur. So, I guess there are some tricks that get performed just for keyboard navigation, which somehow mess up with the selection when paging is disabled.

Case 2 is trickier to define, is it a bug or feature? The filtering does not apply because of this code in class:

    protected List<?> getOptionsWithFilter(boolean needNullSelectOption) {
        Container container = getContainerDataSource();

        if (pageLength == 0) {
            // no paging: return all items
            filteredSize = container.size();
            return new ArrayList<Object>(container.getItemIds());

Should these features (paging and filtering) really be tied together this way or not? Or is this just something that has been left this way because this feature is not so important or commonly used? Will this work differently in Vaadin 7?