Combobox - Is there a way to add id to an option? - (Vaadin 8)


Is there a way to add (unique) ID to (each) items (options) of combobox?
Our tester would like to use them in Selenium automated tests.


Not out of the box, as far as I know. You’d have to create a client-side Extension for that. It’s not great, but maybe you could create some kind of workaround with setStyleGenerator by creating a style name for each item?



Since you would like to test your app, I would strongly recommend taking a look at the
Vaadin Test Bench
which is based on Selenium.


Thank you for ideas! It seems the unique style generation workaround is ok.

Anyway the test bench is a better option, but our company don’t have subscription. Yet. :slight_smile:

TestBench does have a lot of convenience functions for Vaadin applications in particular. I find the ability to wait for Vaadin to complete its thing very useful, too, as well as screenshot comparison.

The built-in helper methods in TestBench for dealing with the more complicated components can also save a lot of time in many cases. And time, as we know, is money :slight_smile: