ComboBox is readonly - and I don't know why


We have some strange behaviour of one ComboBox in our Forms. The Combo is created via FormFieldFactory.

if (“domain”.equals(propertyId)) {

            final BeanItemContainer<T> beanItemContainer = new BeanItemContainer<T>(domainClass, domains);
            beanItemContainer.sort(new Object[] { "name" }, new boolean[]

{ true });
final DomainComboBox domainComboBox = new DomainComboBox(beanItemContainer, table);
return domainComboBox;


[/code]This works fine and any debug output shows us the the combo box is not read-only.
But finally in the browser the combo is read only! Any idea, what makes the combo get read only?
We have another combo in the same form, also generated via FormFieldFactory but this does not get read only.

Thanks for any help.

Do you have setter for the associated property?

That’s it! You are great! Thanks a lot.