Combobox improvements


Browsing the forum and from my own (lttile) experience with Vaadin, it seems that the Combobox is used a lot for uses case which are not necessarily supported by the current implementation.

These are :

  • Use of a combobox because it looks much nicer than NativeSelect. In this case the combobx contains a set of elements, writing should be forbidden. See #5170
  • Use of a combobox for a text field with a suggestion pop-up. I don’t know if there is such a component in Vaadin but I’d love to get one. In short, the arrow on the right should be gone and the combobox would update the suggestion popup with what the user types

At this point, both use cases are more or less achieved with CSS. The first one was hard (thanks Marcus) and I believe most average developers would not be able to find the solution easily.

Are there any plan to add such components, either as customization of the combobox or as new components. I believe “the textfield with suggestion pop-up” should not be too hard to do with what we have today.


Anyone? I can see the first has been implemented in 6.7 and a CSS trick provided for the second.

Should I create an issue for the second request so that it’s available in core?


Please do, we welcome any feature requests :slight_smile:

I think that the
does something like that. Haven’t used it so can’t be sure, but the code example looks promising.

I have implemented something a custom made like that for a project, and it wasn’t that hard to do.