ComboBox.. how get Item and bean of that item..

hi all !!
how I could to obtain the beanItem or Item that is selected in a combobox… I filled it as follows:

ComboBox myCombo = new ComboBox(“myCombo”,new MyContainer());

now, my question is: is there a way to get the Item or beanItem or bean that is selected in the combobox?

I know getItem(Object itemID); but I don’t understand who is the ID in this case…

please I’ll appreciate.

myCombo.getValue() returns the item id of the selected item.

sorry but it doesn’t work… =/
I want get the item directly… I think I could get it with a code a bit more long but I would like to know if it’s possible more directly… I’m going to repeat what I want:

I have a container with javabeans of person for example… and I have a combobox filled with that container… and the combo shows is only a first name of a person I would like to get a person directly or else an Item when that name is selected in the combo… then I though that could be something like this:

ComboBox myCombo = new ComboBox("People",new MyContainer()); 

Object objID = myCombo.getValue();             //what will I get here? a property caption or an item?
Object objItem = myCombo.getItem(objID);   //as the first way doesn't work I tried like this but it always get a null object

but nothing… =/