Combobox - Hide Arrow (TextBox lookalike but with autocomplete beans)


is there a way to hide the combobox arrow on the right?

What I want is basically to have something like a simple TextField, but with autocomplete capabilities where I have the possibility to put e.g. a BeanItemContainer behind it.

In the optimal case I could put the TextField in a group with a (search-) button besides it.


What would work too:
is there an option to override the arrow buttons functionality and somehow change the icon of it?

Hi jdc,

you can achieve this by overriding the icon in your scss file.

    .v-filterselect [class$="button"]
:before {
        font-family: FontAwesome;
        content: "\f030";

Replace the icon code with a icon code of your choice. You can get the available icon codes from the official
FontAwesome website