ComboBox, FieldGroup and BeanItemContainer


I fill a ComboBox with a BeanItemContainer which contains custom beans (a home made class).
The ComboBox is successfully filled, but my problem is that I would like to bind my ComboBox with a String property of a bean attached to a FieldGroup.
I don’t want to bind the whole bean to the fieldGroup but only one attribute of the bean selected in the comboBox.

In other words, I would like to bind the beans property I select in the comboBox with another beans property of the fieldGroups item.

How could I do this ?



Hey Pierre,

Did you get an answer to this question?
I also have the same problem.


i realy didnt understand what you want to do , can you explain more!
any way , , about COnbobox , you had to add(ActionListenner) to the combobox
then , in the actionperformed { // you had to get the item || Sting r = combobx1.getSelectedItem(); }
about the 'fieldGroups ’ , the same , jsut add your combobx , and do the same, with actionL & actionP
i would to help you if you explain more :slight_smile:

, that converts property to full bean (see
9.2.3. Converting Between Property Type and Representation
9.2. Properties