ComboBox Converter

Hello Vaadin gurus,

I am trying to apply a converter to combobox and having extremely difficulty getting it work.

Issue #1 - When I apply a converter to a combobox Eclispse Luna flashes a warning. I read the forum for a solution and tried casting the converter and still the issues does not go away. When I execute the below code, I get a NullPointerException.


  • @return the filingMonth
    private ComboBox getFilingMonth() {
    if (filingMonth == null) {
    filingMonth = new ComboBox(“Filing Month”);

    filingMonth.setConverter((Converter) new MonthStringToInt());

    return filingMonth;

Issue #2 - My data source (model) the filing month is an integer value. However, the combobox items (view) will display the month name. Since I cannot get the bean to register, I tried extending the combobox and and override the getValue() and setValue() mehtods. That didn’t work out as well.

private void bindBeanToForm() {
if (binder == null) {
binder = new FieldGroup();

binder.setItemDataSource(new BeanItem(this.filing));
binder.bind(filingMonth, “filingMonth”);

Is my approach correct or am I not using Converter properly.



I guess this article may help you:

The Book of Vaadin has some details that may be useful for you as well:

Thanks…I have already read both article. I can get the converters to work with textfield fine. However, I cannot get converters to work with comboboxes.