ComboBox changes size

I have combobox in a form. And I have Edit/Cancel buttons for a form.
Cancel sets form setReadOnly(true)
Edit sets form setReadOnly(false)

so whenever I alternate Edit/Cancel/Edit/Cancel/Edit/Cancel ComboBox which form contains gets larger in length. I doubt this could be some layout problem because I have TextFields in same form and their size stays same. Even if ComboBox reaches parent layout boundaries it keeps growing.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong ? I want ComboBox to stays same size (obviously), and not get any wider or narrower.

btw, since this is my first post I would like to say thanks for this great framework which reduced my workload a lot. Great job.

Sounds like a bug. Can you do a separate testcase, just a one class vaadin project with nothing else than a ComboBox and a button that toggles setReadOnly. If you get it reproduced there then you could create a new ticket at and paste the source code for your testcase.

This has already been reported as
issue #5833

Thanks, I was reading some threads about this and thought this could be related with improper layouting and run ?debug and AL - analyze layout. What I get is unknown height for some layouts so I put .setHeight(“100%”) for every layout I created but in debugging it lists some layouts I didn’t create. Maybe this is related to combobox problem maybe not.

Is there any workaround with this combobox problem?

Ticket is solved, but this bug is again present in version 6.8.0.

Works OK with 6.7.9.