Combobox blurlistener 7.3.8

Hello guys,

Currently i have a table with a generated column (combobox) in each row, and when there is a change in the combobox, made by the user in the interface (for example: changing the combobox from the option “Yes” to the option “No”) i am using a blurlistener, the problem is that when the user make the change in the combobox, it is still selected, so the blurlistener is not triggered by the change of the value, when i click anywhere else in the interface, the combobox is not selected anymore and it triggers the blurlistener.

What i need is and automatic trigger when the value of the combobox is changed by the user in the interface, should i use a property different than the blurlistener? Or there is another way using the same blurlistener to trigger automatic the value change??

Thanks for your answers!


Did you try valueChangeLIistener?


Hello Krishna,

Your suggestion solved my problem, it works perfect!

Thank you very much for your time.