ComboBox : Blur Event fired before ValueChange event


I’m looking at changing all our forms to do validate-on-blur (instead of validate-on-commit).

In doing so, I’ve come across what I think might be a bug.

When changing the value of a ComboBox using the keyboard, the BlurEvent is fired
the ValueChange event : this means that when I try and validate on blur, I am validating the old value, not the new value.

Attached is a simple standalone test UI which logs the order of the events, and a screenshot of the result.

I think this is a fairly standard thing to want to do, and I’m not sure that Vaadin is behaving correctly here : should I file a bug?



ETA: Spotted this in Vaadin 7.1.1, test case done in 7.1.6, i.e. latest version of Vaadin (2.79 KB)