Combo box selection pops up a keyboard in iPhone/iPad

I have a combobox with several choices. I want to chose one of the choices but with the iPhone/iPad the keyboard shows up which is something I don’t want in this case.

Is there any solution to prevent keyboard showing up?

I am using the latest version of Vaadin and iOS.


have you tried NativeSelect instead of ComboBox? It uses the browser’s native dropdown (ie the HTML ) instead of a custom client-side widget.

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Hi Olli,

With the NativeSelect I have difficulties to show the icons for my items in the list.
I am using
setItemIcon(item, new ThemeResource())
but I can not see any icons when I am running the code.


that’s right, NativeSelect doesn’t support icons. The HTML select items, elements, only accept text content. What about if you use comboBox.setTextInputAllowed(false); ?