combo box issues

Combo box problems:

  • icon displayed in drop-down is resized once item is selected. Why?
  • how can i change color to some items?
  • combo box ignores extra spaces in text
  • combo box behaves differently when set immediate mode on/off. It fires valuechanged events differently(pre/post change). I really really don’t understand this.
  • error indicator sometimes resizes and sometimes it doesnt resize component, so that layout is refreshed. I worked around this issue by using gridlayout that has cell of width 315px, and inside combobox with width 300px. When combobox gets error, the error is displayed in extra 15px, and no layout refresh is needed.
  • it would be great to have scroll bar on right side.

I might be streching usage of combobox: i am displaying a ldap tree inside with text, icons, different identation on nodes and i wish to add colors to nodes and possibly disable some nodes for selection.

Thx for help and great toolkit

You must be using the Reindeer theme. The theme for ComboBox is built that way, that icons have to be 16 pixels wide, otherwise the ComboBox layout would look broken. In order to use bigger icons, you need to modify the ComboBox CSS in your own theme. Note, though that you will still have to use equal sized icons in that ComboBox.

Currently you can’t. You can create an enhancement ticket about this, if you need it, and pathces are of course always welcome.

That’s how text content is treating in HTML, all whitespace characters are collapsed into one space. If we fix the above issue, and allow custom styling on individual items, this should be fixed simultaneously.

This really sounds like a bug. Please create a minified test case of it, and add that to a ticket in our Trac.

Again, sounds like a possible bug. Test case and ticket are the best way forward.

This request was briefly discussed
(started by you), let’s continue it there if you wish.

This is a known limitation and you should never use the ComboBox in non-immediate mode. It just does not make sense since the ComboBox will send the selection every time you open the dropdown, as it uses the same communication mechanism for the dropdown items and the selection. The result will be very weird and value change events will happen when you at least expect them.

Thanks for info.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like vaadin and it’s features, I am just streching usage a bit and submiting ideas.

About patching stuff, I am not that experienced with gwt. Maybe when this project of mine will be finished.