combining from two databases into a Vaadin table

Hello Vaadin,
I have a situation where I need to combine data from
two different tables
that belong to
two different databases
I know that I can have a single SQL queries that get information from two different databases,
but could I use
Lazy Loading
to display the querie results inside a Vaadin table?

My experience in Lazy Loading is not helping me to understand if this is possible and how should I handle the situation.

Any help would be appreciated

best regards

Yorgos Tryfon

You will need your own Container-implementation. The interface isn’t too hard to implement, especially if you only need reading access.

Thank you, it makes sence

You could try to look at JBossTEIID, which can join two separate data sources into a federated one, presented as postgres. but that might be an overkill.