Combine Paged Table and Filter Table

Hi Vaadin Guru,

Can i combine Paged Table Add-On with Filter Table Add-On,

I hope someone has a solution for me



I don’t think there’s any shortcut for this. However, if you’re willing to try, it might work out by checking out the PagedTable source code and making that extend the FilterTable class instead of the Table class.

Note that I have not tested this and you may run into some problems. But if you do try this out, please report back with results :slight_smile:


Hi Tepi,

Thank You for Your suggestion, i wil try a look a paged table source code.

please have you find solution for this issue , i have tried extend from filtered but it is not working !!!

can I use filtering and paging both in a Table simultaneously in Vaadin 6.8.3. Actually i’m facing problem of filtering in a PagedTable. As posted on this Link there is an error as “Root” class is belongs to Vaadin 7.

Please help!


There’s now a new version of FilteringTable out that does just this. Please see
this forum post
for more information.