Combination of incognito and push seems unreliable

Hi Vaadiners,

Currently I am working on a project which needs pushiness and broadcaster. After doing all the work done I have noticed a quite a bit of a problem.


The project works on a pick-up station which used to have only one UI. It is now needed to have the station to serve customers with their smartphones or tablets right at the station. So far so good. The project servers them all and everything is fine.

If a customer tries to login and uses the pick-up station UI in INCOGNITO mode there comes the problem. As mentioned in
detaching a UI shall also unregister the UI from the BroadcastListener. This wont happen for the last incognito tab which will end up in having a huge list of unwanted listeners. On the other hand I guess the garbage colletion will not collect them as well. The GC is not a huge problem since there is WeakHashMap for that but for the detach event I have no idea.

Is there anyone who could help me with that?


I’m having a similar issue with V 14.1.2x … push works with Chrome and firefox but not chrome incognito. Swierd.