com.vaadin.ui.themes package not exported in Vaadin MANIFEST


I noticed a thing that I consider a bug in Vaadin:

com.vaadin.ui.themes package export is missing from the Vaadin MANIFEST-file in vaadin.jar.

That makes it impossible to utilize the classes and the style name constants defined in BaseTheme, Runo and Reindeer theme classes in an OSGI based application (Vaadin installed as a bundle running on Eclipse Virgo
Web Server or Spring DM Server, for instance) because the following references are then not available for
other bundles:

import com.vaadin.ui.themes.Reindeer;


Could this be fixed in the next release by adding the missing export in the MANIFEST file?


Already fixed in trunk for 6.4.2 with
ticket 5410
, the fix will be in the next nightly build.