com.vaadin.ui.Table on iPad (another problem)


when I select a row in a Table, the Property.ValueChangeListener is called and I react in the valueChange() method. This works fine on the iPad for the FIRST selection. When another row is selected, the second row is also highlighted and the valueChange() method IS NOT called. Doing this several times, I can select (highlight) all rows in the Table.

This table works as expected on all major pc based browsers. The Table has MultiSelect set to false.

Is there anything I can do? Or do I have to wait to get it fixed?

Could you please add the iPad to the list of supported browsers?

Thanks in advance


iPad’s safari is not among the supported browsers by the core framework. However, there is an add-on which is designed for touch devices, called
. The bad news is, that at least the 1.0 version doesn’t support tables. There’s a version 2.0 coming out of the TouchKit, but I’m unsure if it either will support tables - someone else please confirm that.

Actually - Tables as well as the rest of the Vaadin Framework work just fine on iPad - even without TouchKit since Vaadin 6.6 added full touch support.

This sounds like a bug. Please create a ticket for it.

I created a ticket:
Table fires only 1 event on iPad