com.vaadin.flow.server.BootstrapException: Unable to read webpack stats fil


I’m kind of desperate. I’m trying to simply access to an empty page on a new Vaadin 14/Spring project. Previously I had developed another application with severals views which are perfectly working but this time I am stuck with this message.

I know I have to run the goal “build-frontend” of the plugin “vaadin-maven-plugin”, which I did. But it doesn’t work despite the fact that I can actually see the stats.json file into “target/…”

I don’t to be stuck on such trivials and stupids things, so I tried to deactivate production mode (just don’t activate the maven profile), but it seems that is now stuck on production mode forever.

Now I’m trying to debug the startup sequence with eclipse, it seems that production mode come from the com.vaadin.flow.server.PropertyDeploymentConfiguration.initParameters field, but I don’t know which component init this one.

Can you help me?