ColumnGenerator with fixed width componet (e.g. panel)

Hi everybody,
I’m working on a vaadin web application where I’m using one tree table. In that tree table I’m creating a column with addGeneratedColumn(columnName, new ColumnGenerator()) function where ColumnGenerator is returning a panel with fixed width (170px). But the panel isn’t getting the fixed width when first time the tree table is loaded. The panel actually behaving like setSizeUndefined but I dont use it. Btw the colunm has a width of 180px.

Any suggestion or help will be appreciated… :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance


this does sound like a bug. As a quick workaround you could try to set your Panel to 100% width and instead set the column width to 170px and see if that would work. Also, it would be great if you could create a ticket in the vaadin trac at


Tried with the 100% width also, got same result ---- panel’s width are not showing 100%, its just wrapping into some other width for the first time only…

In that case it definitely sounds like a bug. Can you create a ticket in the vaadin trac and preferably add some code to reproduce the issue, thanks.