Column Grid

I create one beancontainer from my object

private BeanItemContainer<PendenciaMovimentacaoVO> pendenciaContainer =  new BeanItemContainer<PendenciaMovimentacaoVO>(PendenciaMovimentacaoVO.class, new ArrayList<PendenciaMovimentacaoVO>());

so when I set my grid

gridServicos.setContainerDataSource(pendenciaContainer); vaadin wiil create my columns by my PendenciaMovimentacaoVO properts names…

so if I have in my PendenciaMovimentacaoVO

private String name;
private String born;

the grid will be create with 2 columns one name and other born. but if I need to change this names, I need to use gridServicos.getColumn("born").setHeaderCaption("Where you born?") if I use this PendenciaMovimentacaoVO in others views I wiil need to does this more than one.

So It`s possible to use annotations or another way to define in my PendenciaMovimentacaoVO the real names of columns?

something like this

@GridColumn("Where you born?")
private String born;


If u are going to create a grid, with the same set of properties, same BeanContainer, why dont u just create a factory method… something like:

public Grid buildPendenciaMovimentacaoVOGrid(BeanItemContainer<PendenciaMovimentacaoVO> container) {
gridServicos.getColumn("born").setHeaderCaption("Where you born?")
return gridServicos;