clustering and session replication

I am trying clustering with session replication for vaadin test application using glassfish 3.0.

for normal jsp-servlet application it worked.
but for vaadin application session replication dosen’t work.

when i am deploying test application below log is generating into server’s log file:

"Invalid Session Management Configuration for
non-distributable app

  • defaulting to memory: persistence-type = [replicated]
    / persistenceFrequency = [web-method]
    / persistenceScope = [session]

it is done after i have added “” tag into web.xml file

when i am using demo application with sub window.

after first instance down session replicates into second instance,

but when i am accessing any UI part i am getting "Out of Sync’ error.

In server log i have found below warning :

“Warning: Ignoring variable change for non-existent component, VAR_PID=PID20”
“Warning: Ignoring variable change for non-existent component, VAR_PID=PID17”

Can you verify that you’re using GlassFish 3.0 (which was called v3 as well)? That version of GlassFish doesn’t support clustering, which could explain the problem, though it doesn’t explain why your other app worked.

I’ve tried it with
GlassFish 3.1
and it worked for me.
Here is a post
with my working example, in case that helps.