Client Side Timer (push would be overkill)


We have a need for a client side timer and I am wondering if I am not understanding or I am missing something.

We have a CustomComponent with a RadioButtonGroup. Upon the user selecting an Item, we would like to display a (indeterminate) ProgressBar mode for a period of time.

The calls to the server side calls are registered with the Component by the class instantiating it.

I feel this would be a poor use of a push mechanism. However I am not seeing a replacement for the old GWT Timer.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for comments and help.

To clarify, we are using Vaadin 8

I am not sure if i understand it correctly. however I used to show a progressbar inherited component.

please have a look at the following wiki article:

The Timer is still there. Here is an example of using client side timer in Vaadin 8:


You have put us on the right track.

Our pom had only the vaadin-client-compiled artifactId in it. I updated the pom and changed vaadin-client-compiled to vaadin-client which gave me access to the underlying GWT.

Thanks so much, you definitely sped up the process of us finding the answer.