Client side only with vaadin possible?

Hi, i have a rest server and i would like to use Vaadin to create a client which works without any server. Is there some step-by-step guide or tutorial how to do that? The best would be a simple .html file which contains the generated .js and does everything without the need to install anything on the client machine.

Something like this, maybe?


No, guess not. I meant something like:

  1. Create a class which extends or implements something
  2. run mvn vaadin:compiler
  3. embed the .nocache.js which is located in target/yourproject/vaadin/yourproject.nocache.js

something like that, and i guess its somehow possible. At least it seems to me when i read

I guess you could use GWT? Vaadin Framework 8 widgetsets are based on GWT, and at least in theory you could use them without the Framework communication layer, but you’d need to do a lot of work to replace all of the data access things.

Seems like GWT is what i am looking for. Is Vaadin (when it is based on GWT) not able to do the same (compile a .js from .java) without the need for a server?

Vaadin 8 is a client-server framework, which uses GWT to compile the client-side parts from Java to JavaScript. So if you want to create a GWT application, you could use some of the client-side widgets from Vaadin Framework (it’s open source after all). But Vaadin Framework itself doesn’t make sense without a server, because the server part is the reason why the Framework exists in the first place.