Client-side elements in Vaadin 6

Hi, everybody! I have a question…

Is there a way to create a client-side element in my Vaadin application?
For example, Combobox, or a Tabsheet, which does not connect to server on every click.

My app will have a really huge and complicated form to fill, with lots of logic, which could (and should) be performed on the client side. I know than Vaadin 6 is a server-side framework, but…

If you have some useful links or examples, which can help me, please share. Thank you, and excuse my possible grammar mistakes.

If you can construct the application on the server side, you’ll probably save a lot of development time.

You can create the form as a GWT widget and make a Vaadin component out of it. However, you cannot really use Vaadin components in the form in that case but need to build it directly on top of GWT widgets.

With Vaadin 6, this might require a bit more work than with Vaadin 7. Start with the architecture and “Developing New Components” chapters in
Book of Vaadin (Vaadin 6 edition)