ClickShortcut focus prombem since vaadin 7.6.1

Hello Vaadin Community,

maybe i found a bug in Vaadins ClickShortcut handling.

Until Vaadin 7.6.1 only the focused component is listening for ShortcutEvents. Since 7.6.1
unfocused components also listen for the event.

Excample. You have an logIn dialog with an ClickShortcut on the enter button to execute login. If login fails
you show a custom error window, which has also an ClickShortCut listener on the OK buton to close the window.

Until 7.6.1, you hit enter in the error window, and the window closes as expected. But since 7.6.1 the window closes and the underlying Login Dialog also executes the enter event. So you end in an endless loop (window closes → login fails again → window opens) until you close the dialog with the mouse.

Best regrads



I think your problem is related to this issue

Br. Tatu