Clickable ComboBox

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share a tweaked version of Vaadins combobox which shows the selected content as a link that is clickable. (This is done by a few changes/hacks to Vaadins combobox due to lack of time). The current version is still in the very early development stage, and if someone wants to contribute they’re more then welcome. Also I would appreciate knowing any suggestions or bugs you might have.

The widget (as well as a demo app) is available at

I might release a version on the Add-on directory but I think the widget still needs some development before its ready for a broader use.

Cheers, Vilhelm

Sounds cool. I think that you could release it as an experimental add-on even if it still needs development. A few screenshots or a live demo with code snippets would be of help to understand what it exactly does.