Click on ComboBox -> displaced the whole layout


I’ve got a problem with ComboBoxes in a GridLayout. When I open the app, it looks good. [Screen - 1]
The first click on the ComboBox moved the whole layout and the DropDownMenu looks a little bit weird… [ Screen - 2]

The second click on the ComboBox … all looks fine, but displaced… [Screen - 3]

Can some1 help me? How can I fix the issue?


this definitely sounds like a bug. Could you add ?debug to your application URL and see if clicking the “Analyze layouts” button in that view produces any layout problems? If it does not - please try to create a simplified test case and create a ticket to the Vaadin trac. Thanks!


And don’t forget to mention the browser and its version as well as the Vaadin version - these are absolutely necessary for troubleshooting any layout issues.

I have the same problem.

It has something to do with the positioning of your elements in the gridlayout.

When I do this:
gridLayout.addComponent(panel, 0, 0, 1, 2);

I get the same problem as you. But when I don’t give an ending coördinate and thus Vaadin can paint it all by themselves I don’t get the bug.

So, when I do this:
gridLayout.addComponent(panel, 0, 0);

There is no problem but this way I can’t define how much space my element should take.

I’ve solved my issue with removing my ComboBox from the normal grid and add another grid into the grid. It works fine. :slight_smile:

“red” - overall Grid
“green” - Grid 4 ComboBox

Vaadin Version: 6.5.7 running as Portlet in a Portal 5.2.3 - tested in IE 8 and Firefox 5


good that you found a workaround for your issue! However, if it is not too much trouble, a ticket to the Vaadin trac with an example code to trigger the bug would be appreciated :). Maybe the final GridLayout bugs could that way be all fixed someday…