Not sure what I did, but now when I compile with the Vaadin Compile Widgets button, I get widgetset code that includes references to clear.cache.gif. I am using Vaadin 6.4.0. This causes errors since it can’t find that file, but it’s nothing in my code, but is being added to the various cache.html files generated for GWT.

What the heck did I do and how can I fix it? :wink:

Thanks for any tips…

EDIT: RESOLVED - Starting eclipse with “-clean” didn’t work for me, but removing the file did (after 2 restarts):

Actually, I have noted that the file does exist in my WebContent/VAADIN/widgetsets/org.vaadin.openesignforms.ckeditor.widgetset.VaadinCKEditorWidgetset folder, along with the ‘ckeditor’ JS code itself, but it’s not being found.

When I look in my Eclipse area where the Tomcat server has the data, it is not there. So somehow my data is no longer be published to the Tomcat server area in Eclipse. I’ll check if there’s anything about that posted, but if you know what needs to be done with Eclipse/Tomcat to make it publish all of the data again, I’d appreciate it.