Classic horizontal menu site layout

Hi All,

Vaadin is good but suffers severely from lack of ready-to-use templates/samples. What I personally need from framework is ability for rocketing-speed start when you can take a ready sample like stock “Dashboard” demo and start to build your own UI transforming it. If I needed a dashboard I would definitely used that stock demo but the issue is that I need classic horizontal menu layout. Something like Vaadin site itself, or say Creditcarma or dozens templates on Ukit site. I think you understand what I’m talking about.

It’s really widespread case but to my surprise I didn’t find something like that. I’ve googled it intensively but all what I found was extremely old thread!/thread/41333/41332 with the same question but without solution. However I still hope that at least something appeared since that time and I just overlooked it during my search. So if you know where I can find such a demo/stub with source codes or maybe you can share your homegrown sample it’d be really great.